726 Tondreault Ct, Port Orange, FL 32127, us


 Here at Front Yard Phrases, we understand that  policies are necessary to keep things running smoothly. You and all of  our customers are very important to us and we want you to be completely satisfied with our service Sometimes however, things happen beyond our  control, therefore we need to have some rules in place.


We setup and collect our displays under the cover of darkness starting at approx 10pm and normally completed in 30 min's

Please insure gates are unlocked and your critters are put away 

 Our Rules

  1. We respectfully reserve the right to decline a delivery area that we  feel may be unsafe for our critters or delivery staff We will contact  you if this situation arises.
  2. Please do not remove any of our critters. If you need them taken  down early, please give us a call and we'll gladly come and get them. 
  3. We may place a small sign in the yard with our company name, phone  number and web address.  This sign is unobtrusive and lets the neighbors  know where "they can get one" please do not move or hide it.
  4. Do not, under any circumstances, let children play on or around our  display or pull up any of our critters. Some of them may look like toys,  but they are not.  Let's keep your children safe!
  5. We will not, under any circumstances, put  up a "mean" display. We won't allow cruel jokes of any sort. Our  business is to make people happy.  That being said, please do not  "re-arrange" the letters on our sign.  The verbiage on all signs has to  be agreed upon by us and you.
  6. If the victim calls us and wants to know who flocked them, we will tell them unless you give us specific instructions not to.

Only six rules. Whew that was easy. Now onto our Refund Policy.

Refund Policy
  We understand that things happen and sometimes the  victim won't be home on the scheduled date. We will gladly reschedule  the delivery or reimburse you 100% if you need to cancel but you must  give us at least 24 hours notice.

  • We will reimburse you 100% if we cannot deliver due to inclement  weather. Please know that it must be severe weather for our delivery staff to  miss a delivery, i..e. Tropical storms, high winds, hurricanes.   

The items we cannot reimburse you for are:

  • If we are given the wrong address and a display doesn't get set up.  We will make every attempt to deliver your display based on the  information given to us but if it doesn't jive, we can't be held liable.  
  • Please make sure the address is correct before calling us. We will  repeat the order back to you in full before we hang up the phone.   Please pay attention and make sure we got it right.
  • If the "victim" wants the display removed promptly.
  • If we are not allowed access to a gated community. Please let the  guards know the date we'll be arriving.                                          (It's not fun arguing with a  guard in the middle of the night.) 

Every attempt will be made to make you a completely  satisfied customer.  We want you to use us again and to tell all of your  friends about us. 

Photos of properties may be taken and used in advertising or web design unless otherwise requested to be excluded. Addresses will be excluded.